Tunes we did at the former 4th Sunday Old Time Instrumental Jam

Here are some tunes we did at the jams.  I’m hoping that someone will start the jams up again.   If you go to the “gear” for “Settings” at You Tube, you can slow down the tunes to 75% or 50% tempo to learn them.   These links are the closest I could find to the way Marian does them, but remember that these are played by a lot of people and may be slightly different for different players.

First, though, here is a very short video of the first jam we did at Flipside in October, 2018.    Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss / Western Country short audio

Here are some of the fiddle tunes we do!

Key of G:

Big Scioty, or Big Sciota.

Redwing.  This is a real fancy version by Katie Glassman, but the basic tune is here:

Nail That Catfish to a Tree.